The Blomgren Legacy

A rich history in Central Iowa

The Blomgren Family has a legacy going back generations in Central, Iowa.

A passion for farming and passing along opportunities for future generations has been at the core of the family mantra.  

In the late 80s with the intention of diversification, the family started to look at opportunities to serve the greater ag community through sales and services.

Doug and Dick started working with Dekalb seed and the concept of a service-based business to benefit our community was born.

Since the inception of the seed dealership, the business has adapted and changed about every 5-10 years as new needs and services have been needed in Central Iowa.

Today we offer a wide range of services and opportunities for growers and commercial partners.  Our goal remains the same as it was 30+ years ago - We will serve our community, one acre at a time. 

Contact us today, we would love to get to know your family and farm.