Blomgren Seed Warehouses

Traditional warehouse space:

43,200 sq. feet of warehouse storage

21,600 sq. feet available heated (more can be outfitted upon need)

Professional grade sending/receiving dock with adjustable height docking plate


What separates us from the rest?

- Warehouse staff available 24/7

- Full-time warehouse manager with experience in shipping/receiving and logistical transportation

- On-demand (available 24/7) warehouse owned and operated semi with van trailer or grain hauler – no waiting in emergency situation for seed to ship

- Sorting, re-packaging, shipping (established relationship with Conway, Fed-Ex, UPS, CCX, etc.)

- Office space available on site including meeting room with projector and audio, high-speed internet and capable of seating up to 50 people

- Catering services for meetings/events


In order to highlight the difference between a traditional warehouse and Blomgren Seed Warehouses I have included several examples of companies and references to contact.  At Blomgren Seed Warehouses we strive to serve you by providing service that is second to none, performed by a family operated business with agricultural understanding.  We know the seasons and the environment of Agriculture sales and production.  We look forward to working with you!



Special Project Highlights


Monsanto – Plot Seed

Service description: Monsanto would ship in between 150,000-200,000 bags of plot seed (20k bags).  The seed would be received into the warehouses and managed through the Monsanto SAP system (the identical process that would happen at a Monsanto plant).  Monsanto was given a direct DSL line and had 24/7 access to the network and printers at the warehouse facility.  Orders would then be generated and Blomgren Seed Warehouses would pick the orders, package, label, and send the orders via shipping services (Fed-Ex, UPS, Conway, Etc.).


Key Highlights:

-Large quantity of seed handled by Blomgren Seed Warehouses

-Limited turn around time (most seed was received in January and shipped back out by March)

-Technical set-up (separate DSL line for security, seed was picked on handhelds and run through Monsanto SAP which demonstrates a high level of trust from Monsanto)

- Seed was shipped across the Midwestern and Southern Corn Belt. Monsanto relied heavily on Blomgren Seed Warehouses for no mistakes which is critical when time doesn’t allow for seed to be re-shipped)

- Blomgren Seed Warehouses developed the standard operating procedures to ensure that mistakes were not made

-High quality relationships with shippers.  During the busy period of the project Blomgren Seed Warehouses would ship 2-3 semis per day


For Reference on project please contact:

Nate Cottington

Boone Monsanto Production Plant Manager





Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC.  – Avicta Complete Beans trial study

Service description: Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC used Blomgren Seed Warehouses for their Avicta Complete Beans trial study.  Blomgren Seed Warehouses lined up receiving and storing 6340 units of Soybeans.  Approximately half the seed was delivered with the remaining half organized by Blomgren Seed Warehouses.  Seed pick up and redelivery was arranged by the Blomgren Seed Warehouse Staff and was performed with Blomgren Seed Warehouse semi.  Seed was stored on-site and treated in a heated warehouse.  Blomgren Seed Warehouses made it possible for Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.  to bring in a “for-hire” seed treater and use a central location for the project.  This allowed the project to be completed in minimal time with financial savings.  




Key Highlights:

-       Large quantity of seed handled by Blomgren Seed Warehouses

-       Shipping, receiving, and re-delivery was handled by Blomgren Seed Warehouses (saving Syngenta time and money)

-       Seed was stored and organized by Blomgren Seed Warehouses

-       Heated warehouse allowed for seed to be treated regardless of winter conditions

-       Blomgren Seed Warehouse employees assisted in the treating process (operating forklifts, collecting samples, re-bagging product, signing products after treatment, recording treatment records)


For Reference on project please contact:

Dana Stubbendeck

Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC




Schillinger Genetics, Inc.  – Service warehousing

Service Description: We have developed a relationship with Schillinger Genetics, Inc. by offering a range of services based out of our warehouse facility.  We have performed multiple “special projects” including dumping soybeans to be hauled, custom seed treating, and currently are re-tagging and shipping seed for Schillinger Genetics, Inc.


Key Highlights:

-       One stop shop for agriculture related warehousing

-       Save time and money by using Blomgren Seed Warehouse employees when you need them, without having to take your own employees off of their jobs for your “special projects”

-       Custom seed treatment allows for small lot seed treatment, small runs, and special projects that are difficult in the traditional production facility. 



For Reference on project please contact:

Tony Nikkel

Operations Manager

Schillinger Genetics, INC.


Office 515-225-1166 x 106

Mobile 515-423-5881